Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's getting better and better in here.

We believe in the magic that happens when you pick up something leftover, give it a little love and add some creativity.   Collective Upcycle is full of the goods that are born from this process of upcycling -- taking an existing or leftover material and altering it in a way that adds value to it.  
We also believe in the process that happens when you walk into an empty retail space and vision what could happen in the space for a short amount of time.  Could we fill it with the work of 30 local reuse/upcycle artists?  Could we host some workshops and build community in this space?  Could we watch Detroit Avenue buzz by through these enormous front windows while eating ice cream from next door?     It started as an empty space but with help  from Habitat for Humanity ReStore and the collective efforts of our artists, we've created the empty space into a shop that looks pretty inviting if we say so ourselves.  

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