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Holiday season 2014 happened quicker than most and we went with a small list to gauge if we had enough interest for our shop. When we got enough nibbles to our email, we said yes and here we are, in alphabetical order: 

captures nature and reframes it into driftwood and beach glass trees to be hung on your wall that kind of preserve the calm textures of the beach.  Really. You'll see what we mean.  

Amy Thompson
resews, reworks, and renews fabric (into headbands), vinyl records (into wall plaques and jewelry), glass bottles (into hand soap containers) and old buttons and pop lids (into magnets) and a whole lot more stuff. 

creates specialty pieces of metal art, home accents and furnishings with superior design and function, utilizing salvaged materials. Plus little baby booties from scrap leather and Christmas stockings from jeans. High on the cool factor, this creative couple. 

makes whimsical folk art to adorn your walls or yourself; where splashes of color and texture transform the unwanted into the unexpected.  Whales painted from driftwood are especially popular and we have a whole pod of them!  (we looked it up, that's what a school of whales is called, or a ram or a herd.  now we know and now YOU know where to come find them)

makes tasty wine / spirited spreads because life is too short for boring food. Come try a jar and see why they're called damn good. duh.  Plus Tracy Hedges is behind them and she's anything but boring. 

From the Blue Bag
recycles common glass trash from local bars and restaurants and turn it into innovative and food-ready items of beauty and function (like cheese trays, glass lamps, and award-winning engraved wedding gifts). We predict the green glass 'CLE' trays will run out the door soon

we like to think of ReStore as one of our besties in Cleveland's reuse sector and we are happy they're featuring handmade mini wall art, ready to hang, painted by kids for kids.  It's a fundraiser to support their noble mission:  Habitat envisions a world where everyone has decent affordable housing.  

Grandpa's Woodcrafts
are the stunning trucks, cutting boards, trains, toys, and other wood gifts of two retired friends who believe in capturing their raw materials from excess flooring supplies and fallen trees and offering them at prices everyone can access

Winsome Expressions
the fun and friendly Marge Diamond extends style from salvaged fabrics & sweaters all the way up to your head with unique and exquisite hats for women, men, and children 

Designer Scoti Nadig believes in the power of good paper and recreates it into notebooks of all sizes; think brand-new-reused paper, wirebound, with sweet and one-of-a kind covers made from surprising sources

Artist Nicole McGee splashes around in reuse puddles and mostly finds herself delighted by vinyl flooring leftovers --Find some of her elusive jewelry and flowers here! 

designs, crafts, and markets superior quality furniture and accessories utilizing reclaimed wood sourced and upcycled in the United States for a global market.  Come find it in a local setting right here. 

Susie's Scentuals
Sue Malovic has a talent for hand making soap that makes our shop smell better than we do --as well as mixing up lovely body oils and crocheting hard-to-keep-in-stock infinity scarves of all colors.  Keeping environmental practices in mind with natural ingredients and minimal packaging, her skin friendly soaps wash away your carbon footprint, or at least provide the good-scented lather for such a lofty goal

Upcycle Parts Shop
is the new kid on the block that's been in the works for years, Upcycle Parts Shop diverts interesting non-toxic waste materials that are leftover and unwanted from commercial, industrial, and residential uses. Materials are donated to the shop and made available for very low prices for artists, teachers, creatives and the likes of you!  And they offer workshops and open studios to spread the love of their mission "to provoke creativity and promote community around reuse".   Yes. and we get to live under their colorful umbrella. forever more.  amen. 

Artist and innovator Jane Pierce upcycles tShirts to keep chemicals out of your laundry, one eco friendly sachet at a time. They smell amazing.  She also  works to help you catch the sun with colorful recycled glass sun catchers (including a Cleveland guardian of transportation holding a bicycle). -plus her eyes twinkle with the delight of a friendly soul who is just about to become your friend, if she isn't already (we're serious!)   

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