Friday, November 21, 2014

Collective Upcycle pop-up is back in Cleveland's Gordon Square neighborhood!

 Local. upcycled. repurposed. handmade. creative. gifts and art. So much to love that it can't help but  spill over to the loved one you buy for. Proven, tested, true. We've popped up at 6501 Detroit Avenue at the corner of West 65th and Detroit in Councilman Matt Zone's former Ward office --we're grateful for the space and excited about this season!  It's a smaller group of upcyclists than in years past but we're small and mighty and after some time to regroup, we're rounding out the year in a way that prepares for a strong 2015.  

Sneak peek: merchandising in action…
the amazing Lauren Krueger is on the job!


Opening! Sat. Nov. 29th: 12pm-8pm 

Sunday Nov. 30th: 12-5pm

Thurs. Dec. 4th: 2-8pm 
Fri. Dec. 5th: 2-8pm
Sat. Dec. 6th: 12-8pm
Sun. Dec. 7th: 12-5pm

Thurs. Dec. 11th: 2-8pm
Fri. Dec. 12th: 2-8pm
Sat. Dec. 13th: 12-8pm
Sun. Dec. 14th: 12-5pm

Thurs. Dec. 18th: 2-8pm
Fri. Dec. 19th: 2-8pm
Sat. Dec. 20th: 12-8pm
Sun. Dec. 21st: 12-5pm

Mon. Dec. 22nd: 4-8pm (last minute hours!)
Tues. Dec. 23rd: 4-8pm (last minute hours!)

Look for us on Facebook too for updates.